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Sims 4 Demon Mod: How to Transform Your Sims into Terrifying Creatures with Horns, Tails, Eyes and More

Vampires are already a staple of the Sims franchise and have been included in the very beginning of the Sims 4. Alas when it comes to the demon population, there is not any representation in the Sims. They always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to this franchise. However, fear not my fellow demon lovers because The Demon Days Accessory pack by Pyxis is the answer to this problem you never knew existed!

sims 4 demon mod

Mermaids were a colorful and fun addition to the Sims game. They are outstanding and all, but Sirens are hauntingly cool. I mean, who has never wanted to lure someone to death with their voice? Well, with the Siren Trait Reloaded mod, your sim gains the ability to lure other sims with nothing more than their voice.

In the Siren Trait: Reloaded mod, the singing, charisma, and mischief skills are gained twice as fast compared to human sims. Download the siren mod here! They may not be able to sink ships like their ancestors, but it is still pretty impressive.

Tarot Cards are quite a fascinating concept. While you may not make a career out of it, your sim certainly can with the Tarot Card Career pack! According to the creator, this is a one-track career with ten levels overall. By the time you finally reach level 10 of the Tarot Card career, which is Guru Tarot Reader, sims all over will flock to get their futures read!

Have you ever looked at your sims and wondered what they would look like as a half spider person? Well, if this question has plagued you, then the Arcane Set is for you! Even if you have never thought about it before, you need to give it a look because it is pretty awesome.

The arcane set is pretty explanatory. It comes with a total of 11 different colors of spider morphs for male and female sims. Think of it like the mullet. Business from the top, party on the bottom. Click here to grab it. Not recommended for this with arachnophobia.

The number two spot in the Sims 4 Supernatural Mod List goes to the Armageddon mod, which enables your sim to take the role of either a Superhero or Villain. Feel like saving the world? Well, then the Superhero track is for you. Want to cause chaos upon other sims and the word? Then, the Villain track sounds more like your style. Click here to find out more!

This post focuses on demons and angels, zombies and monsters, fairies and werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. With the Sims 4 Succubus Mod, your sim will never die because it can change their age from seniors to adults to even young adults.

Occult Mod and Life state Mod turn your Sims into mysterious creatures or sims 4 demons. Demons are the dreadful offsprings of Succubus. Demons gain demonic power from Sims. They do so by using lechery and Seduction. Demons kill the other Sims to satisfy their Hunger.

Supernatural Mod is the expansion pack in Sims 4. Supernatural Mod features Angels, Demons, Aliens, Wizards, and Genies. Sims Supernatural Mod turns your Sim into Demon with your traits. The mod has 11 states of Life also. The following are the traits of Supernatural Mod possessed by demons:

meet me on tumblr: remussims.tumblr.comHQ? There is an option to change the game settings which is known as "HQ mod". It does NOT equal the highest quality settings in game but is an actual change in the graphicrules.sgr file to increase sharpness and displayed details even further. Read about it here: -4-how-to-hq or here:

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