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Thunderbird 68.3.0 Released !NEW!

Thunderbird version 68.3.0 provides an automatic update from Thunderbird version 60.If you have installed Lightning, Thunderbird's calendar add-on, it will automaticallybe updated to match the new version of Thunderbird. Refer to thisCalendar troubleshooting articlein case of problems.

Thunderbird 68.3.0 released

Download Zip:

When upgrading from Thunderbird version 60 to version 68, add-ons are not automatically updated during the upgrade process. They will however be updated during the add-on update check. It is of course possible to reinstall compatible add-ons via the Add-ons Manager or via

I've had Thunderbird installed as a "Portable" application on my Thinkpad X1 (6th gen), Windows 10 Pro machine for over a year. Profile resides on a network location. Never had a problem with Thunderbird updates until today. The update fails for an "unknown reason". I've tried the suggestions in another post multiple times but no luck. I also have Thunderbird portable installed on another Thinkpad X1 (4th gen), Windows 8.1 Pro with my wife's profile also on the network. That Thunderbird has been updated to 68.3.0.

Nothing. At certain times, a message is received that "Thunderbird can't update to the latest version" (see attached screenshot). However the version is already up-to-date (and is shown as "updated" when you press "information about thunderbird"). This is a Swedish version installed on top of and replacing an English version. Downloading and installing again doesn't stop the behaviour. I think the screenshot shows the problem.

I honestly don't know much of anything about AUS or its replies. The server just redirects to with the full contents of the URL and query string. Probably need to reproduce the issue locally to understand what's going on, as just at a glance, the responses to those queries in

I am experiencing the same issue, ever since I upgraded from 60.x to 68.x The initial install of 60.x was x86 based. Once, 68.x came out, my first install was "over" the existing installation. Since then I got the "thunderbird cannot update" message. In due course, I uninstalled v68.x and did a fresh install again - which did not help. is the domain used by Thunderbird (TB) for updates. Perhaps it has a certificate problem; and, because KIS's default is "automatic protection mode" ( -US/68151.htm), KIS isn't popping a notification.

FWIW, there is no certificate problem with -- if there was, everyone using Thunderbird would have broken update functionality. It uses the same certificate that and all our other web properties use. It is possible that Kaspersky has some issue with Let's Encrypt certificates in general, or some other aspect of how the server is configured, but in any case that would be their bug to fix.

My installation detected that version 68.3.0 is available but from there it went downhill.Tried the auto-update, that updated to version 68.3.0, and lo and behold it reports its version 68.3.0, but at the end it said restart to update Thunderbird. Do that, Thunderbird restarts and reports that its version 68.2.2 again and you need to restart to update Thunderbird.So Reboot the OS and run Thunderbird still saying 68.2.2.Close Thunderbird download from the Thunderbird site and install, 68.3.0 but still with the restart... message.

I'm using Kaspersky Anti-Virus and I had the same problem when I updated to Thunderbird 68 when it was released last year. I never had this issue with Thunderbird 60.x (I didn't change my AV).

Adding "" to the exceptions in Kaspersky Anti-Virus seems to work as I now receive update messages and I can also update from there. Before this Thunderbird always showed that it is up to date.

However, extensions are still not updated (Thunderbird says there are no updates), I have to update them manually. In the config editor I found the url "" for extension updates. I added this to the exceptions in Kaspersky Anti-Virus and will report back if it worked.

^^^ I don't think so. When I update manualy thunderbird by ninite tool it upgrade to 68.5 still 32 bit.Internal thunderbirt say that is up to date..., Firefox (similar update mechanizm) don't have same problem

I also experiencing this issue, and had blocked on a Mac device. The version check popup appears even though the current version is not out of date. I've unblocked the URL and will be seeing if that fixes the issue.

choco install thunderbird --params "/l=en-GB"choco install thunderbird --params "/NoTaskbarShortcut /NoDesktopShortcut /NoAutoUpdate"choco install thunderbird --params "/UseMozillaFallback"choco install thunderbird --params "/NoStop"

Users may face some common Thunderbird email problems due to the inability to power up or issues in email sending. Is Thunderbird acting strange on your system? No need to worry anymore. There are some great alternatives to mozilla thunderbird that you can pick for better performance.

The Tails Project released a new version of the security-focused Tails Linux distribution and advises users to upgrade as soon as possible to fix multiple security vulnerabilities impacting the previous Tails 4.1.1 version.

After latest Thunderbird update, Today Pane (in email tab) no longer shows events (Today, Tommorrow, Upcoming (2 weeks)) from gmail nor Personal calendar but does show Tasks (Personal). How to fix?Thunderbird version: 68.3.0 (64-bit)Windows 10 Pro ver 1909 (28 Nov)Using multiple gmail calendars (4 + Holidays and Contacts) and a Personal calendar (only way to get Tasks to work).In Calendar tab, all upcoming events show at the top (31 day filter?) and all events show in calendar.In Task tab, no events show in Today Pane although all 7 calendars are selected.I have also gotten Imap server errors (too many connections) twice when starting Thunderbird (after PC reboot), but no error on Thunderbird restart.

On 23 December 2004, the Project Lightning was announced for tightly integrating calendar functionality (scheduling, tasks, etc.) into Thunderbird. Lightning is just a project name, not a product name. Lightning 0.1 was released on 14 March 2006. The latest version of Lightning was, released on March 25, 2019 for Thunderbird 68.x. Since Thunderbird 78 Lightning is no longer a separate extension but an internal part of Thunderbird itself.

On 19 February 2008, Mozilla Messaging started operations as a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation responsible for the development of email and similar communications. Its initial focus was on the next major version, Thunderbird 3.0, which was released on 8 December 2009.

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