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The making of La vie est belle was also informed by comedy sketches, which used to be featured regularly on national television, and were popular with African audiences with how they addressed their everyday lives.[3] Ngangura's decision to center the film on music and Papa Wembe was calculated to draw in Congolese audiences as well as reach as many Africans as possible given the widespread popularity of music, especially of the Congo, which then had the most popular musicians on the continent.

buy la vie est belle

A floral gourmand bouquet encapsulated in a crystal smile. A universal declaration of happiness and joyous femininity. Blending the noblest ingredients, La vie est belle is a truly addictive fragrance.

WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENTThe Eau de Parfum La vie est belle is the first Tasty Iris exclusively created for Lancôme by three of the most renowned French perfumers. A fragrance with a powerful trail, with a perfect balance between the nobility of Iris Pallida, the depth of Patchouli, and an addictive vanilla accord, creating the perfect scent of happiness.

It is precisely to recreate this attitude to life that the wine line La Vie es belle - life is beautiful - was created. For this, the L'Union des Vignerons in the south of France has created wonderfully light and fruity La Vie est belle wines, which have just 9.5% or 10.5% vol. Alcohol and enchant with lots of fruit. 041b061a72

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