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Play Dead

Female funnel weaving spiders engage a bizarre behavior to mate: They play dead during sex so males are less worried that they might be eaten when the deed is done, a new study shows. That, in turn, makes it easier for females to choose the best mates, by playing dead for appealing partners and fighting off the scrubs.

Play Dead

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During the experiments, the team observed A. aculeata females during one of three scenarios: engaging in sexual catalepsy naturally during mating; playing dead, also known as thanatosis, after being shaken in a test tube; and being put to sleep by anesthesia, to mimic a potential male-produced chemical cue.

Although the females may appear to be dead during the mating process, the males are fully aware that they are faking. Shortly after mating has finished and the male has backed away, the female will get up and scurry away.

Playing dead is not the only behavior spiders use to escape sexual cannibalism. In April 2022, researchers revealed that males from Philoponella prominens, a type of orb weaving spider, use a catapult-like mechanism in their legs to immediately launch themselves away from females after they finished mating.

The North Carolina State Parks and Recreation shared images of the eastern hognose snake on its Facebook page, warning residents to stay alert if they happen to come across the creature, which defends itself by lying on it's back and pretending to be dead.

The reptiles vary in color but the most common ones are usually brown or gray with dark brown blotches. It isn't poisonous, but they tend to display cobra-like qualities, according to Amphibian and Reptiles of North Carolina.

\"When threatened, hognose snakes hiss loudly and spread their necks like cobras do, resulting in the nicknames 'puff adder' or 'spreading adder,'\" Amphibian and Reptiles of North Carolina said in a statement. \"They rarely bite during these displays, but they may strike repeatedly.\"

Also, its eyes turn glassy like a creature without a sign of life. A predator can sniff at it, flip its body over or push it across the ground. An opossum that is playing dead will not move or get up and try to run.

When threatened by a smaller predator an opossum is likely to give a low growl in an effort to frighten it away. This long-tailed animal may also bare its very sharp teeth at the threat. Whether an opossum growls or plays dead depends on how threatened it feels.

Opossums may play dead for a surprisingly long time. Most people assume that an opossum jumps up and runs down the trail the moment a predator or threat is out of sight. On the contrary, a possum can be in the play dead position for up to 4 hours! Remember, they are in a state of shock, so their body must have a chance to recover.

The Blackbird, also called the Black Stone Violin, is a full-size playable violin made of black diabase after drawings by Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius), but with technical modifications to allow it to be played.

He lines up everyone she has known, her mother and father, her dead brothers, her childhood friends, her nursemaid, her tutors, her grandmother, her priests, the snooty cousin she almost married, all the kids in high school who made fun of her. One by one, they tell her every mean thing they have ever thought about her.

Play Dead (Alt: Trick Dead) is a game start active skill available as Novice. This skill can only be learned through a certain quest. Also, if the player has promoted to any other class, this skill is no longer usable upon relogging or map change.

"The male hovered above the female for a couple seconds and then left. I expected that the female could be unconscious or even dead after her crash landing, but she surprised me by flying away quickly as I approached," continued Mr. Khelifa, who had never previously seen this behavior in his 10 years of studying dragonflies.

Mr. Khelifa assessed female approach and departure from the reproductive site, which is when they are most vulnerable to male attacks. Of the 35 females that he followed, he found that 31 crashed to Earth when a male dragonfly chased them. Those that did not crash were all intercepted by a male. He also found that, of the 31 females that crashed, 22 (71%) crashed into dense vegetation rather than onto open ground. Additionally, Mr. Khelifa then observed the females playing dead in 27 out of 31 crashes (87%). Of these "dead" females, 21 (77.7%) successfully deceived the male.

After he knew what to look for, Mr. Khelifa frequently observed this behavior at two separate sites, and concluded that "playing dead" is a common behavior for this particular species. He noted that remaining motionless was critical to avoiding the male because dragonflies are strongly drawn to motion.

He also had to know if these crashing females had knocked themselves out. To test whether "dead" females are conscious or unconscious, Mr. Khelifa attempted to catch them by hand -- which is nearly impossible for a person to do if the dragonflies are fully aware of their surroundings. Of his 31 capture attempts, 27 dragonflies escaped. Mr. Khelifa concluded that the "dead" females are fully aware of their surroundings and thus, are quite capable of avoiding marauding males, human researchers and predators.

Like all good research, this study raises more questions than it answers; most importantly, how did "playing dead" to avoid sexually aggressive males first evolve? Many dragonfly species are known to "play dead" to escape a predator, so it's possible that female moorland hawkers simply expanded this anti-predatory behavior as a response to marauding males. The moorland hawker reproductive system is different from that of many other dragonfly species because it does not include mate guarding, and, since there is a strong bias for males to group around ponds where females must lay their eggs, the females were pressured to somehow adapt to lessen their vulnerability to male harassment. But the overall rarity of this behavior in nature makes it difficult to study.

Spider sex can be pretty complicated... and kinky. Take wolf spiders, for example. It's well known that female wolf spiders have a predilection for eating their partners during courtship, a behavior known as sexual cannibalism. Males, in turn, have developed their own tactics to avoid being consumed while still getting it on. This includes offering a "nuptial gift" of a tasty snack--for example, a dead fly or an eggsac from another female. The gift has been thought to help curb the female's appetite, and/or to function as a physical shield that the male can hide behind. But, the action doesn't stop there! This study, from 2006, describes a separate behavior adopted by male wolf spiders to avoid sexual cannibalism: playing dead! Known in scientific circles as "thanatosis," it seems pretty effective for the male wolf spider: 100% of males who played dead were successful at copulating, versus only 58% of those who did not employ thanatosis. And if you are thinking of adding thanatosis to your own courtship ritual, here are some tips on how to go about it:

Play Dead is the fourth captain command in the Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser mode of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. It costs four CP to use. When used, the captain will fake defeat, causing opponents to turn their attention to other enemies, or nothing at all if only the captain remains. While the captain is in their inactive state, they gain HP they may have lost during their fight. The player can simply press .mw-parser-output span.longbuttoncolor:#000;font-size:smaller;font-variant:small-caps;white-space:nowrap;background:#fff;border:1px solid #000;border-radius:1em;padding:0 0.5em; span.roundbuttonwidth:10px;height:16px;font-size:smaller;font-variant:small-caps;white-space:nowrap;background:url(" _Button.svg/16px-Def_Button.svg.png")no-repeat;padding:0 3px;display:inline-block;overflow:hidden to return the captain to normal. However, if the enemies near the captain figure out that the captain is faking death, they will attack the captain, causing damage.

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Step 1: The game master will assign a farmer from the group, while the rest of the players will act as dead cows lying on the floor. Apart from the game master, the farmer will only be the person standing in the room. His goal is to revive each dead cow by making them laugh. 041b061a72

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