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When Ethnicity Did Not Matter In The Balkans: A... PATCHED

We used the terms "race", "racism", and "ethnicity" in this paper as follows. Race is considered a social construct and is used to describe a group of people with similar physical features reflecting ancestry and geographic origins, as identified by others, or as self-identified [8]. Racism is defined as a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on the social interpretation of how we look [9]. Ethnicity is used to describe a group that shares cultural and other characteristics [8]. Although "Romani" is most commonly described as an ethnicity, we concur with the argument that utilizing US-based racial theory to examine the situation of the Roma is useful, given their historical social exclusion as a dark-skinned minority group [10]. There also is evidence that the classification "Roma" has features of racial classification, especially when Roma are classified by people of majority groups [11].

When Ethnicity Did Not Matter in the Balkans: A...

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Broadly speaking, therefore, ethnicity becomes a form of nationalism when it assumes a political (and often territorial) dimension that challenges the status quo, and, in some cases, the legitimacy and stability of the state in question by becoming a catalyst for intra- or inter-state conflict. Some would argue that the most dynamic ingredient of nationalism is ethnicity; indeed, that nationalism is in essence the political expression of ethnicity.

But in terms of numbers, this did not matter so much when women were having five or seven children. Emigration, in peacetime at least, both eased the pressure on land and resources and populations continued to increase. 041b061a72

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