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Rajbhog is undoubtedly one of the best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City. This sweets shop assures its customers of using the finest and freshest ingredients while using its own paneer and khoya from whole milk. With an array of sweets to choose from such as burfi, cashew items, Bengali sweets, jalebi, halwa, laddoo and peda to name a few, you can be rest assured that all you got to do is name it and it will be made available!

best buy 07310

Established almost 2 decades back, this is one of the oldest sweets shops in Jersey city which has made its way to the list of best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City. Its specialty includes Bengali sweets, dry fruit sweets and sweets made of ghee and khoya; all of which are freshly made using the choicest and purest ingredients. Their gift packages and customized gift boxed of sweets are perfect for every occasion!

Though the store is located in New York but Real Usha Sweets and Snacks is the first choice of several Indians who are looking for online services from the best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City. Using only the freshest and purest ingredients in every sweet they make, Real Usha has now come up with an online store which allows individuals to place phone orders and receive their sweets at home at the click of their fingers!

The list for the best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City would be simply incomplete if we do not include Khalsa Sweet House in it. Gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, this Indian sweets shop is known for delivering fresh, delicious and pure sweets everywhere in Jersey City. All you need to do is place your online order and sit back and relax! Khalsa sweet House also takes bulk orders and party orders while providing excellent service and food each time!

Having been in this business for decades now, Surati Farsan has made a name for itself in the entire country and is one of the first choices of people who wish to order sweets and snacks online, even if it is from the other side of the coast! The last name to hit the list of best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City, Surati Farsan is renowned for delivering fresh and pure sweets everywhere in the United States with Jersey City being no exception!

If you live in Jersey City and are longing for some Indian sweets, then all you have to do is step into any one of these best 6 places to buy Indian sweets in and around Jersey City and have your wish fulfilled! Boasting of top notch quality and a widespread menu, we assure you that none of these sweet joints will disappoint you in any way! Moreover, the online stores allow you to get your choice of sweets delivered at your door thereby making your job easier and faster.

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Hudson County, where Jersey City is located, is ranked as one of the top hottest housing markets in New Jersey to watch as demand continues to zoom. Not every New York City resident can move to Florida, so living in Jersey City is the next best thing.

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Hamilton Park & The Village- These parts of Jersey City used to offer some of the best deals in Downtown Jersey City, but as demand has risen, prices have jumped and started to catch up to those in Paulus Hook, Newport, and more prime areas closer to Grove Street and Exchange Place. 041b061a72

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