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[S2E3] Stuck In The Past

The man directed Doyle to steer his Pinto away from New Orleans and its suburbs. They crossed the Mississippi River and drove more than 25 miles, through the sugarcane fields and into the swampland of St. John the Baptist Parish. They turned onto a gravel service road. As they neared the edge of the swamp, Doyle's little car got stuck in the mud. They walked the rest of the way to the tree-like vine.

[S2E3] Stuck in The Past

The freckled man stole Doyle's wallet, shot him twice and took off on foot. Doyle was alone, stuck to the tree and bleeding to death. It's not hard to imagine his despair: Doyle slumped over, his weight bearing down on the frail branch, his eyes scanning the tangled brush beneath him for something, anything, that might set him free.

Following on from their risky escape from Vanya's apocalypse, The Umbrella Academy find themselves scattered through time in Dallas, Texas. The group find themselves scattered over a three year period starting in 1960. Believing themselves to be the only ones to have survived and having been stuck in the past for numerous years, some of the members have built lives for themselves and moved on. For others, such as Five, who finds himself in the middle of a nuclear doomsday, must find a way to reunite with the other members of the Academy and revert the timeline once again.

At the time of the crime, the Chronoskimmer door is stuck open, so Kevin calls the repairwoman Fumbles McWhoops, who directs with clues to Sir Vile in America in the 1710s, when young Ben Franklin was apprenticed. Unfortunately, in the 1710s, Sir Vile wrecks the Chronoskimmer, making a Data Boost necessary.

In "Ouroboros" a couple things happen. The crew of the Abigail get stuck when a zombie gets caught up in the ship's filtration system. Travis is tasked with fixing it, which leads to some scuba-diving adventures in zombie-infested waters. Strand is bossy and irritating, though I can see why he'd be impatient with these bozos. Madison confronts him about their destination and it turns out to be a fortified spot in Mexico where they'll apparently be safe. I don't trust Strand, and neither should they, but it isn't like they have much of a choice. Had they not totally screwed things up in the last episode, maybe they could have stayed on the last island, mending fences and surviving.

Unwilling to forget when they turn eighteen, the Keepers have Rendell's little brother Duncan create the Memory Key for them which allows the group to continue to remember the magic past their eighteenth birthdays. However, with Duncan having witnessed the events surrounding the deaths of Kim, Jeff and Lucas, the group then uses the Head Key to remove his memories and hides them in a tree.[3][4]

In an effort to find the Omega Key, Dodge visits Erin in the hopes that Rendell had shared the secret of where he had hidden it with her. Despite being catatonic, Erin visibly reacts with fear at the sight of the Head Key and Dodge's taunts. When Dodge inserts the Head Key, a second Erin doesn't appear, much to Dodge's surprise. With Erin's mind taking on the form of Matheson Academy, Dodge searches through her memories until she finds one that reveals that Rendell had hidden the Omega Key inside of his own head. Erin's consciousness, taking on the form of her younger self, confronts Dodge who is amused to discover that Erin is not brain-dead after all, but rather stuck inside of her own head. Dodge taunts Erin that she now knows where the Omega Key is hidden and leaves Erin's head, taking the Head Key and leaving her trapped as Erin desperately bangs on the door and begs to be let out.

Months later, trying to find out how the Keepers of the Keys remembered past their eighteenth birthdays, Tyler and Kinsey enter into Erin's head again using the Head Key. The shifting landscape briefly traps them before Tyler and Kinsey are confronted by Erin's consciousness who demands that they get Dodge to leave her alone. The two reassure Erin that Dodge is gone for good and are surprised that she is unaware that twenty-three years have passed and that's she trapped in her own head. Tyler and Kinsey lead Erin out of her head where she's shocked to find her body in the hospital and how old she now is. Erin removes the Head Key from her head and finally awakens from her catatonic state.[5]

Carney told Newsweek: "One of the rules that I stuck to for this show is that I wouldn't change the lateral timeline of the episode too much, I didn't want to go messing with the original piece too much in terms of the events.

Willis defies Campbell's orders when he helps Mario and Heather perform a radical procedure on a maintenance worker stuck under a boiler that exploded. Also, Angus' father, Dr. Desmond Leighton, tries to seize Power of Attorney over Mike, who is still in a coma, even though Mike granted that right to his brother, Angus.

Rollie tells Xander Westin and Karen Chapman the story of how he proposed. Karen is upset that Xander didn't propose like that. He has the engagement ring stuck on his penis. He wanted to do something unique and special. They decide to use a cast saw to get it off.

An earthquake hits, leaving Claire stuck in the bathroom with the plumber, Manny experiencing an existential crisis while out with Jay, and Mitchell and Cameron digging themselves deeper into a lie when they use the quake to get out of a themed brunch party thrown by their friend, Pepper.

Walk past the house to the mailbox that is lying on the floor, examine it three times and you will read a note [The Whole Story: "ACH13_MAILBOX_LETTER"] and collect a ring, examine the remains of the house and then enter it. Walk through to the right and interact with the trapdoor twice to go down into the Basement. On the left is a brace, collect it by interacting with it twice and then walk to the right to interact with a chest discovering and reading a diary [The Whole Story: "ACH13_DIARY1", "ACH13_DIARY2", "ACH13_DIARY3", "ACH13_DIARY4", "ACH13_DIARY5", "ACH13_DIARY6"]. Once read, the map will display and "Old Abbey" will be unlocked for traveling to. Leave the basement and make your way back to the front of the house - the wicker man will now be burning, examine it [The Wicker Man: 1/4] and then leave the area by walking to the left, when the map displays travel back to "Hills".

Go through the archway, back down to the shore and use the brace on the barrel floating in the water. Now use the bottle in your inventory on the barrel to fill it with oil. Leave the shore by going to the right and then go left to where the viking and bird used to be. Examine the mask twice to try and collect the ribbon and then go back down to the shore after the ribbon. Interact with the ribbon and it will fly off again, follow it down the path to the left - the ribbon is now stuck in a tree, walk towards it and "Lighthouse" will become unlocked on the map. Pick up the ribbon and keep walking right back to the entrance for the hills - when the map displays travel to "Lighthouse".

Proceed through the arch down to the shore. In the middle of the sea is a wicker man on a cross - examine it [Playwright: "Secret_07"], return to the hills and walk left - go up the hill past the viking hat to a large hole in the hill. Keep examining the hole in the hill and eventually you will have no dialogue but instead hear sounds [Playwright: "Secret_06"] - leave the hills by continuously travelling to the right, when the map displays return to Old Abbey.

Walk back to the secret entrance previously revealed and go through it. Continue through the right passageway and descend down the stairs and into the tunnel. A coffin lies in the center of the room, examine it and some notes will be read [The Whole Story: "ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_1", "ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_2", "ACH13_COFFIN_PAPER_3"], interact with the coffin and you will be shrouded in darkness, keep walking to the left through the fog, past all the figures, eyes staring upon you and eventually you will come approach a man staring out to sea.

At the art gallery, Vanessa has coffee with Nate. He then gets a text from Catherine wondering where he is. Vanessa notices that he's distracted and he chalks it up to a lot going on. Blair then enters the gallery and invites Nate to come to her party and to bring Vanessa as a guest. Vanessa excuses herself to accept a delivery and Nate asks Blair what she's really up to. She says that she isn't going to sit back and watch him have an affair with her boyfriend's mother and she's trying to use Vanessa as a distraction. Vanessa then reenters the room and Nate confirms that they'll both be at the party that night. Blair leaves and calls Catherine from outside to inform her that Nate is bringing Vanessa to the party that night. At the VDW's, Chuck sends the woman from Tokyo out and runs into Serena in the kitchen. He admits to her that he hasn't been able to perform sexually for the past week. She suggests that he's not over Blair and he realizes she might be onto something. He then announces he's going to have sex with her just to get himself working again and then congratulates Serena for getting back with Dan. At Waldorf Designs, Jenny gives her honest opinion on Eleanor's dress to the model, including that the dress is trying to hard. However, Eleanor enters the atelier and overhears her commentary. She's shocked at Jenny's bluntness and sends the model home before firing Jenny.

Meanwhile, Nate runs into Marcus while he's on a run. Marcus happens to mention that Catherine is attending the party too and that she has become fast friends with Blair. When Marcus is gone, Nate calls Vanessa and lies over voicemail that he isn't going to Blair's anymore due to family issues. At the loft, Vanessa fills Rufus in on Nate's mysteriousness. Dan then emerges from his room and Vanessa tells him to leave first and that she'll see him there. He leaves and Rufus suggests that Vanessa call Nate and ask what's going on; or pretend she forgot her phone at the gallery and act like she never got his message. At the Waldorf's, Chuck attempts to seduce Blair and almost succeeds. However, she catches on and walks away. At the VDW's, Dan arrives to pick up Serena and they act awkwardly around one another. On their way to the elevator, the lights begin to flicker. Back at the Waldorf's, Nate arrives and confronts Blair about setting Vanessa up. She doesn't deny it and then Catherine appears. She pulls Nate aside and informs him that she doesn't like sharing her toys especially when she paid for them. She takes his hand, which Vanessa witnesses; and then puts together just as the penthouse goes dark. Nate tries to follow Vanessa while Blair tries to calm everyone down. Back at the VDW's, Dan and Serena get stuck in the elevator and at Waldorf Designs', Jenny gets stuck in the dark. 041b061a72

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